The Jewish cemetery Namestovo

Upcoming events

New memorial board for the family Krausz

Installation of memorial board of the family Krausz as the reminiscence of native from Namestovo, who ended up in SHOAH.

New memorial plaques of the dissapeared victims of Nazi extermination (Stolpersteine)

Installation of brass plaques of the family of Viliam and Rozalia Klein assassinated by the Gestapo in Horka near Tvrdosin.

Exhibition "Those who lived Among Us II"

A posponed exhibition from 10/2019 "Those who lived among us II" being prepared. Geneological exhibition connected with the exhibition of photographs by Jaro Sykora, taken after the vandalism of the Jewish cemetery in December 2019. Afternoon symposium with some of the Slovak personalities present. In the early evening, the concert: "salon orchestra of Milan Bernat, opera singers and Klezmer Kaschaer band".

The Jewish cemetery Namestovo 2023.